Shades for Migraine Day is June 21

Show You Care, Wear a Pair!

Post your photo on social media with #ShadesForMigraine

Shades for Migraine Day is June 21

Show You Care, Wear a Pair!

Post your photo on social media with #ShadesForMigraine

What is Shades for Migraine?

Shades for Migraine® is a global awareness campaign that challenges everyone to wear a pair of sunglasses on June 21 to show their support for the 1 billion people living with migraine disease worldwide. The campaign is getting better each year! See how you can take part and help spread the word.

Taking part is easy, just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: SNAP

Snap a photo in your shades on (or around) June 21

Step 2: SHARE

Share it to social using #ShadesForMigraine


Tag three people, challenging them to take part, too!

Shades for Migraine is on a mission to make migraine awareness go viral!


  1. Spark conversations about migraine - There are 1 billion living with migraine and unfortunately millions are dealing with the disease in silence. Migraine is an invisible disease but purple sunglasses are used to get people to start conversations about the condition. By people sharing their experiences, others will feel less alone in their journeys.
  2. Destigmatize the disease - For far too long migraine has been synonymous with "a headache". Migraine is a complex neurological disease that impacts nearly every body system. While it isn't deadly, the condition causes symptoms that rob people of their quality of life. Shades for Migraine gives people the platform to explain the true impact the disease has had on their lives. It is also an easy opportunity for people without migraine to learn about the condition and show they care about the people who live with it.
  3. Educate and empower people with migraine - Nearly half of the people living with migraine are undiagnosed and therefore untreated or undertreated. Shades for Migraine is led by a coalition of organizations devoted to educating people on migraine and headache diseases. This campaign is a vehicle to lead people to better resources and care.

Achieving these goals starts with raising awareness. Please join us in participating in Shades for Migraine whether or not you live with the condition. With 1 in 7 people living with the disease, nearly everyone knows someone living with migraine.

Why sunglasses?

As a result of the Shades for Migraine campaign, sunglasses, specifically with purple frames or lenses, have become globally recognized as the symbol of migraine awareness. Sunglasses are one of the few visible indicators that someone may be having a migraine attack. Sun and light sensitivity are one of the most common symptoms among people living with migraine, causing people to turn to their sunglasses for relief.


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Andrew LaVear

Physician Assistant


Dr. Franchesca Fiorito

Headache Specialist


Join the challenge

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Help raise awareness by sharing #ShadesForMigraine on social media. Every like and retweet grows the campaign. Need some inspiration? Check out our promo kit.

sport your sfm gear

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Spread the word by wearing it! Get your purple sunglasses, pens, bumper stickers, and sunglass cases as a gift with your donation. 100% of funds support the campaign.


Shades for Migraine wouldn't be possible without our 30+ partners! Explore the resources unique to each organization.

migraine facts

Migraine is a complex neurological disease that impacts individuals, families, careers, healthcare systems, the economy...


Shades for Migraine may be coming to a city near you! See what events we will be holding and attending.


Shades for Migraine has caught the attention of numerous media outlets across the world. If you would like to feature Shades for Migraine through your outlet, take a look at our press kit to learn more about our mission and accomplishments.

Contact Ashley at if you are interested in a story on Shades for Migraine or our campaign ambassadors.