Meet the 2024 Community Leaders

These individuals have been chosen based on their special skills, unique experiences, and creativity to excel in this vital role in the Shades for Migraine campaign. Community Leaders help strengthen and grow the migraine community by inspiring others to speak out about their experiences and reassure them that they are not alone. Additionally, their outreach efforts can help migraine-adjacent community members better understand what life is like for the people in their lives that do have the disease.

Shades for Migraine could not have the impact it does without these dedicated volunteers! Learn more about each leader below.



Sarah Arndt
(Wisconsin, USA)

Sarah is an IIN Certified Integrative Health Coach specializing in empowering people with migraine to step into their power.


Candace Camper
(Illinois, USA)

Candace is a disability and service dog advocate. She lives with chronic migraine and uses social media to document her life with her service dog Clea.


Sarah Celentano
(New York, USA)

Sarah was diagnosed with vestibular migraine seven years ago. It motivated her to educate herself and now she supports others navigating the disorder.


Alicia Friedman
(Illinois, USA)

Alicia has lived with migraine her entire life, but became chronic in 2000. She is the Director of the Advocates Removing Migraine Stigma program for Chronic Migraine Awareness.


Nikki Lewis
(North Carolina, USA)

Migraine is a daily occurrence for Nikki and she enjoys being there for this community by listening to them and hearing how they care about themselves.


Sasankaa Gunathilake
(Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka)

Sasankaa lives with migraine. This is her four year as Community Leader to make the world a more inclusive place for people.

Tonya Henry

Tonya Henry
(Texas, USA)

Tonya is a military veteran who lives with chronic migraine. She moderates and writes, as an independent contractor for and runs a YouTube channel (@ChronicallyIllSoldier) dedicated to helping those with various diseases.


Diane Laroche
(Vermont, USA)

Diane has had migraine most of her life. She has found relief and hope in the last ten years and wants other sufferers to have hope as well. Shades for Migraine is a fun organization that provides support, understanding, and knowledge for people with and without migraine.


Mirabella Macias
(New Mexico, USA)

Mirabella's migraine journey began at 10 years old. She wants to advocate for other migraine patients and educate others about this invisible disease.


Tesha Murrain
(England, United Kingdom)

Tesha is an artist, doula, mediation teacher, and lives with chronic migraine and is passionate about providing accessible support.


Marley Robertson
(Virginia, USA)

Marley sustained multiple traumatic brain injuries, resulting in headaches and migraine. She uses her voice to advocate on behalf of herself and others.


Dannielle Robinson
(England, United Kingdom)

Danni has been a migraine warrior for over 14 years, as well as a general chronic illness and invisible disability warrior, because they go unnoticed.


Nicole Safran
(New York, USA)

Nicole lives with chronic migraine and associated comorbidties. She loves spreading the word about SFM as an easy, accessible way to let the world know that migraine is a full body neurological disease.


Brittany Schenck
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Brittany grew up with migraine and she became an advocate to share her story with others, help others to learn, raise awareness, and help others who have struggled with stigma.


Brodie Thompson
(Dublin, Ireland)

Brodie has lived with migraine since childhood and described herself as a creative and connector of people. She is originally from New Zealand but has lived in Ireland for four years.


Anne Marie Alexander

Anne-Marie Alexander
(Ohio, USA)

Anne-Marie has taught in public schools for 12 years before becoming an academic advisor, all while living with chronic migraine since she was 20. She remains devoted to her work and hobbies, alongside her husband and their 2-year-old German Shepherd rescue.

Sarah Amyx

Sarah Amyx
(Texas, USA)

Sarah is a marathon runner and a devoted dachshund mom. Despite living migraine, she uses her passion for running to raise migraine awareness, feeling her best on the race track.

Justice Brown Photo

Justice Brown
(Minnesota, USA)

Justice is a student dedicated to making a difference. From leading the National Junior Honor Society to founding the Helping Hands Club, advocating for animal rights, and aspiring to start a nonprofit, her passion for helping others shines through her numerous leadership roles.

Liz Carroll

Liz Carroll
(British Columbia, Canada)

Despite living migraine for 30 years, with the last 8 being chronic, Liz radiates positivity. She refuses to let pain stop her from enjoying the activities with the people she loves.

Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark
(Arkansas, USA)

Lauren lives with chronic migraine and aims to raise awareness and share insights about the disease and its impact, striving to make a difference in understanding and support.

Elizabeth Flannigan

Elizabeth Flannigan
(Connecticut, USA)

Liz lives with chronic migraine and is dedicated to reducing her carbon footprint through smarter choices and making healthcare more equitable. She loves animals, science, and coffee.

Beckie Lee

Beckiee Frasca
(Florida, USA)

Beckiee is a wife and mother living with migraine. She is passionate about migraine advocacy. She has a small craft business selling hand-rolled paper flowers, shadowboxes, and other paper crafts.

Alex Hopson
(Missouri, USA)

Alex is a high school student who is dedicated to migraine awareness, selecting it as her platform for pageant competitions.

Doug Kane

Doug Kane
(New York, USA)

Doug lives with chronic migraine and migraine with unilateral motor symptoms (MUMS). He is passionate about breaking the stigma around migraine.


Jennifer Perdue-Frazier
(Arkansas, USA)

Jennifer is a content creator, web designer, and former Nashville recording artist. She is the first title holder of the Mrs. Arkansas pageant to have “migraine is real” platform.

Erin Potts

Erin Potts
(West Virgina, USA)

Erin is a registered nurse who has been living with chronic migraine and believes migraine education and advocacy are very important.

Ana Williams

Ana Williams
(British Columbia, Canada)

Anna is a mother, wife, sister, and neurology nurse practitioner who has been living with migraine since she was 13. She enjoys helping others with headache disorders.