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Help for Headaches

Help for Headaches began as a Migraine support group in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1994. In 1995 we registered as a nonprofit organization (NPO) and became registered as a Canadian educational health charity. They function on a voluntary basis and take pride in providing Headache and Migraine sufferers with recently emerged headache awareness research, as well as providing migraine patients with specialist contacts. Today, they serve the needs of Headache and Migraine sufferers across Ontario and some outlying parts of Canada.We have authored a series of books on Headaches and Migraines. These include: Headaches That Persist (1999), Chronic Daily Headache (2013), Non-Drug Treatments for Headache (2016) and Navigating Toward Better Headache Care (2018). Our latest book called Navigating Toward Better Headache Care discusses the many things you can do while waiting for a physician’s appointment. The book is a national voluntary project, you can order a copy from our charity website at

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