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National Migraine Centre

As a specialised clinic National Migraine Centre has acquired a substantial body of knowledge over the years; knowledge that is constantly evolving. Some of this comes from being a research centre, but most of it comes from the patients they see. Not only do the results of our research feed directly into their clinical care; the information from their patients also feed directly into their research.All their medical staff are fully qualified doctors with a specialist interest in migraine and headache, and are registered with the UK’s General Medical Council. Therefore your headaches will never be dismissed as trivial. Their doctors provide expertise on various specialist areas including: neurology, women’s health and ophthalmology. You will be assigned to one specialist who you will usually see at each of your visits.


“Migraine is not just a headache – it is a debilitating neurological condition that is misunderstood misdiagnosed and mistreated. It is vitally important that more people become more aware of migraine and this is why we support the Shades for Migraine coalition."

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