Pediatric Headache Center of Richmond

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Pediatric Headache Center of Richmond

Dr. Alison Alford and her team take care of all aspects of pediatric headache care in an outpatient setting. We also offer acute care for prolonged headaches. In 2016, Dr. Alison Alford opened up her own outpatient clinic because she and her staff are dedicated to assisting those living with headaches and post-concussive symptoms increase their quality of life. Dr. Alford and her staff provide evidence-based treatments and are well versed with cutting edge treatment options. We really take pride in taking our time with each patient and bringing the relationship back between doctor, practitioner, patient, and family members.

“We take part in the Shades for Migraine Solidarity Day because we believe that it is important to advocate for our patients and all those who suffer from migraines and headaches. We also believe that it is part of our mission and duty not only as a doctor but as an organization to raise awareness about the debilitating effects of migraines and how migraines impact individuals’ daily living tasks. We are hoping that by raising awareness this will lead to more funding for research and better treatment options. Dr. Alford also provides concussion care and advocates for increased concussion awareness with a special interest in post-concussive headaches.”

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