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The Counterfactual Brain

The Counterfactual Brain is a blog about Beth, a 30-something with a PhD and chronic migraine living in Vermont with her cat named Sophie. She used to be a 30-something living in Boston with a blossoming career in education program evaluation. Then chronic migraine hit. The name “Counterfactual Brain” borrows a concept from research. Beth is constantly wishing she had a clone, one who would experience migraine triggers for her while she didn’t so they could compare the outcomes. Understanding triggers now that her migraine is chronic is a recurring theme in her blog posts, along with other trials, tribulations, and tips on life with chronic migraine. Her hope is to make chronic migraine less scary for others going through the same experience.

“I take part in Shades for Migraine because any activity that I can do to bring attention how migraine disease differs from an everyday headache, how debilitating migraine can be, and how disproportionately underfunded it is, is worth my time and effort. This is a fun and easy way to engage our friends, family, and even pets in the cause, and make everyone a migraine advocate.”


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