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The Migraine Warrior

The Migraine Warrior Blog and its companion Facebook page were created by Patient Advocate Michelle Tracy after being diagnosed with chronic migraine disease at age 19. While trying to find meaning in her pain, Michelle realized that her thoughts and experiences had the potential to help others even as she lay in a dark room, unable to lift her head. Her mission to empathize, educate, and empower the millions of people living with migraine disease has led her to partner with many organizations in the migraine community and to both write and speak about her life as an advocate and migraine warrior, often with a focus on mental health and stigma.

“Migraine is often thought of as an isolating, “invisible” illness which contributes to the stigma surrounding the disease. When people living with migraine disease are able to outwardly acknowledge it with visible cues like sunglasses, it makes the disease itself more visible, raises awareness, and creates connections with other migraine warriors and the people that love and care for them. One of The Migraine Warrior’s core beliefs is that Caring is Curing and the Shades for Migraine campaign is an excellent example of how creating connections will lead to better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.”


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