5 Ways To Help a Friend With Migraine

By Molly O’Brien, Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) 

Original Source from AMD: Supporting partner with migraine

Migraine has a way of making people feel isolated and alone. For some people, retreating into a dark and quiet room may be the only way to get through an attack. Having support from loved ones can really help someone in their migraine journey. Shades for Migraine is all about spreading migraine awareness, so here are 5 ways you can help a friend with migraine. 

1. Check In

If you know someone living with migraine, check in on them! Ask how they are doing or how they are feeling. Send a text with a funny GIF or meme. Share a social post with them. If you hear a friend is in the middle of a migraine attack, text them to say hello and that you are thinking of them. If your friend has to cancel plans, tell them “it’s ok” and acknowledge that they are having an attack. Let them know you understand and you can’t wait to see them when they are feeling better.

2. Ask if they need a ride anywhere 

Migraine and its symptoms can interfere with the ability to drive or take public transportation. Having a safe and reliable ride with a trusted friend who understands their symptoms and triggers can be huge! A person with migraine might need a ride to the doctor’s office, urgent care, an emergency room, the pharmacy to get a prescription, or physical therapy. It could be a ride anywhere they need to go, but can’t drive themselves because of medication side effects or migraine symptoms like vertigo or impaired vision.

3. Ask if they could use help with errands or basic tasks

Migraine can be painful and symptoms can get in the way of so many things! That’s part of why migraine is the second leading cause of disability worldwide.¹ If you have a friend with migraine, ask if they need help picking up a prescription or dry cleaning. Offer to walk their dog or feed their cat. Maybe they could use help typing up an email, unloading the dishwasher, or doing a load of laundry. Offering help with the most basic of tasks can let your friend know you understand migraine can interfere with everyday life. 

4. Be an exercise/activity buddy

While there is still a lot left to learn about how exercise impacts migraine, a recent review found aerobic exercise can lead to a significant reduction in migraine frequency, intensity, and duration. Some people find exercise helps, while others know certain types of exercise can trigger an attack. Talk to your friend about what works for them and offer to go with them on a walk, do yoga together, or attend a workout class together. 

5. Participate in Shades for Migraine

Show you care and wear a pair! Show you care about your friend (and the other one billion people) living with migraine by participating in Shades for Migraine. It’s easy and fun! Just post a picture wearing sunglasses on social media on (or around) June 21st with #ShadesForMigraine. You can participate in SFM by educating and offering support too. 


1 in 7 people live with migraine disease. That means nearly everyone knows someone living with migraine. Please join us in raising awareness and showing your support! Participation is easy, post a photo wearing sunglasses to social media on June 21st with #ShadesForMigraine.

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