Shades for Migraine to Attend FEI World Cup Finals in Omaha

North Kingstown, R.I. – Shades for Migraine (SFM) is pleased to announce that it will attend the 2023 FEI World Cup™ Finals in Omaha, Neb., from April 4-8.

The Fédération Equestre Internationale World Cup Finals are an annual international equestrian championship for the world’s best horse and human athletes in the disciplines of jumping, dressage, and vaulting. The event will also pay homage to the Great Plains horses’ cultural impact by infusing tributes to Native American heritage through the theme “1723” and has partnered with Bluebird Cultural Initiative to develop the theme that will be part of the event’s educational and entertainment programs that are free to the public. Tickets are available for spectators.

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Where to Find Us

You can find SFM at Booth 405 on the North side of the arena, right by the warm up area! We will be giving out our signature purple shades for free, distributing educational materials on migraine disease and concussion protocols for equestrians, and offering a special giveaway contest!

Please contact Ashley Swift, Marketing Manager, at if you have any questions about Shades for Migraine events.

Migraine, Concussion, and Equestrian Sport

Head injuries are responsible for the majority of serious equestrian sports injuries and deaths. Because of significant health risks to equestrians, education regarding the prevention of head and brain injuries is essential. A significant number of riders have experienced a concussion, yet few have sufficient knowledge about the condition.

Almost half of equestrian riders (44%) have experienced concussions during their careers. Those riders who suffered a brain injury were likely to return to riding without seeking medical clearance. Almost 40% of riders were never educated regarding concussions, while just 15% received education from their trainers (Kuhl et al., 2014). Additionally, migraine headaches are one symptom of post-concussive syndrome, and in some cases they can be persistent (Healthline, 2021).

Education of riders, trainers/coaches, and other members of the equestrian community is needed to raise awareness of concussions and reduce the likelihood of subsequent injuries.

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About Shades for Migraine

Established by the Association of Migraine Disorders in 2017, Shades for Migraine is a global awareness campaign striving to create a viral buzz around migraine disease. This disease affects more than one billion people worldwide. Every year, people living with migraine, as well as their friends, families, and coworkers, post pictures on social media wearing sunglasses on June 21, the longest day of the year, as a symbol of solidarity and support.

Sunglasses are a visual representation of an invisible symptom of migraine called photophobia or extreme sensitivity to light. This program is an opportunity for people to share their connection to migraine disease, in the hopes of spurring more conversation.
Join the challenge by posting your selfie and use the hashtag #ShadesForMigraine.

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