The goal of Taking it to the Streets is to have groups around the world gather at iconic or populated landmarks to raise awareness and share information about migraine disease using the concept of Shades for Migraine. Taking it to the Streets is a way to get the public to recognize purple sunglasses as a symbol of migraine, educate the public about migraine and introduce people to organizations around the world that can help them.


  • Apply to hold your event using the event submission form below
  • You will need:
    • Lead organizer must secure a team of 3 or more co-leaders to ensure there will be enough leadership at the event in case of illness, etc.
    • An iconic or highly populated event location (permits may be required)
    • A date ideally within June 13 – June 21
    • A time and length of the event


  • All volunteers will gather in the event location for distribution of sunglasses, t-shirts, handouts and posters
  • Volunteers will hand out sunglasses and information cards and start conversations with people on the streets (recommend that volunteers work in groups of 2 or more)
  • Have volunteers hold posters to create a “scene”
  • Make the event your own, bring on your creativity!

SFM will provide support to event leaders with:

  • Access to volunteer registry, including videographers, photographers and event support
  • Registration of volunteers through our website
  • Poster designs
  • Promo materials including a press release, social media content, flyers (SFM will work with event leaders to provide graphics in additional languages)
  • Free sunglasses & handouts
  • Team leader badge/flag/pin & t-shirt
  • Free shipping of t-shirts that were purchased during registration with a list of people and sizes (minimum number of volunteers will be needed)
  • Promotion of your event through Shades for Migraine social media channels
  • An event planning checklist

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